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Michael Weatherly Fan(atics)
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Michael Weatherly Fans - A community for everything Michael Weatherly related
Welcome to Michael Weatherly Fans, the LJ community for everything Michael Weatherly. That means graphics, caps, fanart, fanfic, fangirly-squees or even a random discussion about awesome hair & scruffy love. If it’s in regards to Michael, his work or his characters, feel free to post it here. All MW fans are warmly welcomed.

Your mods are warrior-gypsy & iwantpie. We are both people of awesome & we love Michael Weatherly as much as you do (possibly more!) Don’t be afraid to come to us if you have any questions or concerns. You can PM us from the links above or leave a comment on our contact post. We are always here to help.

Some house rules to keep things tidy: (don’t worry. They aren’t hard.)
- IT’S CALLED MW FANS FOR A REASON. No trolling, spamming or flaming will be tolerated! If you don’t like Michael, don’t post! Such posts will be deleted without prior notice. Likewise, if you want to share how your chihuahua attacked the postman, there are personal journals for that.
- STAY ON TOPIC. It’s about Michael & ALL about Michael! (ok, his work/characters too!) ‘Nuff said!
- HEY, NO F-LOCKING! We don’t like people who promise pretty things & then lock them up so we can’t see them. We really don’t like that. In fact, we hate it. So don’t post f-locked comm or journal teasers here. We’ll delete them! Locked in x days posts are equally unacceptable.
- BE A GROWN-UP. Put a warning if your post contains explicit/not work-safe content & keep it behind a cut. We love Michael’s hotness as much as you do, but no one likes being blindsided (& having to explain it to Gibbs their boss).
- TAP TAG THAT! We ask that you use the community tags when posting. You can find the tag list here. It helps others find your content & it keeps our comm tidy. We like that.
- WHOA- CUT! If your post is as long as the ocean is wide, then use an lj-cut. If you post spoilers, big-ass pictures or 3,000,000 icons, then use an lj-cut (but please post 3 icon teasers so we can preview them). If Michael goes streaking, then use an lj-cut & notify us immediately! (if you need help with the lj-cut, go here.)
- IMAGES IN POST. This kind of goes with lj-cuts above... sort of. If you're posting images as a tease, please make sure they don't exceed the width of the entry. If they do, please RESIZE them to fit.
- VIDS IN POST. When embedding a video (from youtube and such), it must not be larger than 480x385. Any larger and it won't fit the entry width and there will be unnecessary scrolling.
- SHY IS SO KINDERGARTEN. Whether it’s art or news or discussion, feel free to post! Don’t be intimidated & if you have a question, ask the mods. Promise, we don’t hate on Michael lovers (‘cause clearly they’re people of awesome). Don’t see something you like? Requests are allowed. Don’t see a topic you like? Start one. Also, it goes without saying that you should feel free to watch or join this comm whenever you wish (but we said it anyway).

In short, have fun & play nice ok? Stow away mean behavior & come packing your fangirl squees & your sense of humor. We want this community to be the sort of warm, welcoming place that Michael himself would feel comfortable hanging out in. (Hey it’s the internet, right? Who knows?)
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